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Energy Performance Certificates by London Inventory Company

The Energy Performance Certificate is a document which explains how energy is used in your home or commercial property, how much it costs you, how you can improve your energy use and reduce the expenses.

This report is compiled in several steps:

   1. London Inventory Company can send an accredited EPC assessor to inspect the walls, floors, windows, insulation, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, roof, hot water and lighting in your domestic or business premises. He will register the current carbon dioxide emissions and the current energy efficiency of your property.

   2. Then the assessor will calculate the rating score of your home or office based on the approved scale from A to G (A being most energy efficient). He will also include a numerical rating from 1 to 100 (higher number corresponds to higher efficiency and lower fuel bills).

   3. The EPC will also include recommendations report on how the property owner can improve the energy efficiency rating, reduce the carbon footprint and have less impact on the environment. The assessor will outline potential performance rating and possible savings once the improvements have been done.


Prices starting from £70


When do you need an Energy Performance Certificate?

An EPC is required by law when a property is constructed, marketed for sale or rent. So if you are:

  • a landlord who wants to rent out a property,
  • a homeowner who wants to sell a house or a flat,
  • a business owner who wants to sell or let commercial premises,

you will need to hire an accredited energy assessor to conduct the report for you.

Also, you can voluntarily opt for an energy performance certificate to understand how your property impacts the environment and what improvements you can do to save energy and money.

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