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Avoid Deposit Disputes with Our Check Out Reports in London

The check out report is a key element for the end of the tenancy agreement. This report is a self-evident document, containing written and photographic elements, which describe in details the status of the property and all the appliances inside it before the tenant moves out. The end of tenancy inventory report includes the following information:

   1. Photographs and details about all furniture and appliances

   2. List of missing or damaged items

   3. Fair wear and tear

   4. Utility meter readings

   5. Level of cleanliness

Why choose our end of tenancy inventory reports?


The best clerks in the business

Certified and experienced inventory Clerks

Insurance you can trust

Legal document in case of insurance claim

Within 72 hours delivery or bust

Delivery within 72 hours

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And there are even more benefits for you:

Why do you need a move out inventory report?

The check out report in London is a must at the end of tenancy, and helps both landlords and tenants to avoid any deposit disputes. If such occur the report can be used as a legal documentation. The check out report is a good way to protect your interests from unreasonable landlords or tenants.

Upon the tenant's move out, the inventory clerk compares the check in and check out reports to discover any damages or property misuses. So a move out inventory report can save you time, money and make the end of tenancy a hassle-free process.

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