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Tenancy Check In Reports for London Properties

The check in report is a special type of inventory report which is conducted at the beginning of a tenancy agreement. It represents an assessment done by a certified inventory clerk or property inventory services provider. The check in report represents the current condition of the property at the beginning of the new tenancy agreement. It also includes the utility meter readings and information if all appliances work correctly.

The document should be signed by both parties involved in the tenancy agreement and then a copy of the report should be attached to the contract. Once all of this is completed, the tenants can officially receive the keys for rental property.

NOTE: Have in mind that a check in report can't be conducted without the initial inventory report. You can benefit from our special offer for combined report which saves you time and money:

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Why do you need a check in report?

After the new legal regulations which took place in the United Kingdom several years ago, the check in reports in London became an obligatory part for every new rental contract. Every landlord or estate agent who wants to protect the property should consider such inspection conducted by a certified and independent inventory company.

The tenancy move in report in combination with the check out inspection can help you easily detect damages in the property and resolve deposit disputes.

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